Hello all, I'm Cent and welcome to my first Daily Two Cents!

I've always wanted to start blogging, so I decided to go ahead and start today. Starting out I'm simply going to talk about what I accomplished today with coding, and my job hunt. Later down the line, I'll start focusing on specific topics. The blog formatting will also improve, since I'm pretty new to blogging. For now though, just talking about what I did today is simple enough.

Before I get into that though, let's talk a little bit about myself first. My real name is Shannon, but in online spaces, I go by Cent. I'm from Georgia and I lived there most of my life, outside of college. I went to Full Sail University and got a degree in Web Design and Development. Right now, I'm just job hunting, hoping to break into the industry! Also, I'm only 21!

Now getting down to what I did today...

One project I'm focusing on a lot is my discord bot, named Penny. I have no real plan with it, since I've just been adding functionality as I see fit. Basic moderator actions, some coin flipping, etc. Today I added the ability to track how many characters members use in a specific channel. The question came about because I was considering buying access to Yandex API, which makes you pay 15 USD a month for the first 50 million character you translate. I'm only been tracking since 13:10 today and we wrote 2278 characters as of writing this post.

The other functionality I added to Penny was the ability to translate what we write in a designated English channel and post it into a designated German channel and vice versa. I was interested in this because I'm currently learning German and I rarely have opportunities to practice. I was looking towards the Yandex API as a good option, but I opted for a free and unlimited option thanks to this node package I found that uses Google Translate.

I feel like this is a good place to sign off, so thank you for reading Daily Two Cents and I'll see you tomorrow!

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