Welcome all. Today is going to be a short post as I try a different format for today. I enjoy what I've been doing before but I feel like I could do better. Which is why today I'm just going to try to list off what I've done today.

  • Renamed files in my portfolio to repo to match the project it was representing
  • Added proper descriptions for each of the projects I have in my portfolio
  • starting working on the css for each of the project pages
  • starting working on the page for my discord bot
  • Added filtering to the bullets on my bujo project
  • widened my job search (by location)
  • added more projects to my resume

All in all, I feel it was a pretty good day of progress. I will mention that I'm going to stick to this format when I don't have a lot of time to write, because just listing off things I've done today is simpler.

But anyway, I'll sign off here. If you want make sure to tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!

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