Hello! It's been a minute since I've made a post (tldr here), so I've been a bit busy. However I have a bit more time now to focus on writing these, and it's the 15th so It's time to update you guys about the progress towards my goals I made at the beginning of the month!

I'm just going to list them off as I did before, with a sentence or two of followup.

  • Get a job as a junior dev

    • I've been applying to a bunch of positions, I don't have my spreadsheet pulled up now, but it's somewhere in the 60s.
  • Actually finish a side project Bujo

    • I've started on the backend for this project, and am making good progress on it.
  • Update my portfolio

    • I've added projects that I've recently worked on and I'm working towards having a page for each of these projects. I also added a link to my blog!
  • Connect with more devs online. Whether it be on dev.to or other social media sites.

    • I've been participating in the party corgi server and have even played a few game nights with them. Cool people!
  • Be able to hold a conversation in German.

    • Pretty sure I put this in a previous post, but I added a functionality to my discord server that translates English from a specific channel into German and vice versa. I've been using this to practice conversations with friends!

I can't wait to accomplish some of these at the end of the month! Thanks for reading!

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